The mayor of Pécs published three press releases in connection with the coronavirus. You can read them here.

A cikk a hirdetés után folytatódik

I. Public transport (Friday)

„As the citizens of Pécs have already been informed, the Hungarian Government has announced State of Emergency, to prevent the spreading of coronavirus!

With this goal in mind, according to the opinion of medical experts, I ask the citizens of Pécs to behave calmly and responsibly.  It is suggested to avoid human contacts, such as the usual ways of greetings and, if possible, avoid crowded events as well, and pay close attention to frequent hand washing and disinfection. Moreover, to manage your personal, financial and any kind of official proceedings and businesses, please prefer online solutions in order to reduce human contacts. I ask you to follow our news on Facebook, in the local media, and the website of the city, where we provide information regarding all measures already introduced. (

We also ask the parents to consider, whether they take their children to nursery or kindergarten. If it’s possible do not visit your elder family members and friends with your children. According to our most recent knowledge, people under the age of 25 may carry the virus without even noticing it, therefore, they may infect the elderly. I would also like to ask the citizens to avoid travelling abroad during the period of state of emergency.

We call the citizen’s attention, that the marketplace is open every day. If you can manage, please do not visit on the regular busy days, such as Wednesdays and Saturdays.

After the announcement of State of Emergency, I personally asked for a meeting from the County Defence Committee, where I got a precise report from the current situation in the county of Baranya.

As the Mayor of Pécs, in favour of to prevent the spreading of the virus, I introduced numerous measures.

On Thursday, I set up a new Mayor Coordinating Group to gather all the information about the current situation. In this group, we evaluate all the gathered information, in order to follow all instructions introduced by the national Coronavirus Operational Group. Our coordinating group is already preparing prevention plan with respect to all municipal companies and institutions. This group also fosters communication with all parties involved.

I have also introduced to publish all municipal releases regarding coronavirus issues both in Hungarian and English languages to provide all information to all foreign friends and students in Pécs.

I have instructed the management of all municipal companies to prepare an action plan for these extraordinary circumstances. Our goal is to manage all public services without any interruption. I also asked the executives of these companies to introduce “home office” for their employees.

I have also introduced a ban on visiting social service institutions run by the municipality.

As of today, I instructed that swimming pools of Hullámfürdő and ANK High School will be closed from tomorrow. 

Our main goal is that public transport services remain uninterrupted. To preserve the health of our bus drivers of local bus company – Tüke Busz Zrt, passengers cannot get on buses using the first doors anymore to avoid contacts with drivers! The first doors will be closed, the drivers will not sell tickets at the buses anymore. Bus drivers will also be separated physically from the passengers. I also ordered to carry out introduce cleaning and disinfection measures more frequently within a day.

The introduction of these measures may cause inconvenience for our citizens, however, we ask for your understanding since all measures are introduced to protect your health.  We ask you to be patient and please look for each other!

Péterffy Attila

Mayor of Pécs”

II. Schools, kindergartens, nurseries (Saturday)

„In order to slow down the spread of coronavirus, the Hungarian government issued an ordinance, by which local authorities regained the right to decide whether they close daycare and nursing facilities. We find the immediate closure of these institutions well-founded, but the government’s decision came too late for us to be able to take immediate action starting on Monday. The immediate closure of these facilities would be desirable, but would put parents who cannot provide for their children in other ways in an impossible situation. Childcare cannot be left to grandparents, as that would be dangerous to their health. Therefore, the closure of daycare and nursing facilities will follow a step-by-step approach.

As mayor of the Municipality of Pécs, I have taken the following actions on Saturday, March 14th.

Daycare and nursing facilities

On March 16th, all daycare and nursing facilities of Pécs await children with full capacity. All children will be provided meals. Parents who are already caring for their older children at home due to school closures are asked to do so for their younger children at home as well. We ask the same of parents who are staying home for other reasons.

From Tuesday, March 17th, we can only assure watch duty in these institutions. The goal is to keep as many children at home as possible, in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Details of this plan will be discussed with the leaders of childcare institutions on Monday, March 16th.


It is important that schoolchildren, if necessary, be provided access to meals. On Monday (March 16th) and Tuesday (March 17th), meals for all school students will be provided, knowing that not all portions will be consumed. We aim to prepare meals according to the real (reduced) needs by Wednesday (March 18th). Therefore, we have asked the institution responsible for running schools (KLIK) to ask school directors to account for expected catering needs.

We hope that following these decisions, all children attending daycare and nursing facilities will be cared for and all children, including those in schools are provided warm meals every day even in the currently uncertain situation.

Attila Péterffy

Mayor, Municipality of Pécs”

III. Fairground, city zoo, sport hall (Saturday)

„According to the guidance of professionals and the National Operative Group, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the most important step is to minimize personal contacts along with keeping personal hygiene in focus. Therefore, on Saturday, March 14th, as mayor of Pécs, I have taken the following action:

On March 15th, the fairground will be closed, and Sunday markets will not be held there until further notice.

From March 15th, the shooting range, the Lauber Dezső sports hall and the Verseny street sports hall are closed until further notice.

From March 15th, the city zoo will be closed until further notice.

From March 15th, the branch libraries of the Southern Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Center will also be closed until further notice.

I have taken the decisions listed above in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Pécs. I ask for your understanding, as these steps may cause inconvenience. Regarding the opening hours of daycare institutions, nurseries and  canteens, another statement will soon follow.

Attila Péterffy

Mayor of Pécs”